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৳ 3,500

8 Channel NVR



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VTech VT-VR081 Price

Compatible with main brand IP cameras: AXIS, SONY, Panasonic, SANYO, BOSCH, SAMSUNG, Honeywell, VIVOTEK, Ambarella, HIKVISION, DAHUA, etc.

1. Onvif, P2P
2. The dendritic menu can be moved. Man-machine communication is more direct and the settings of parameters are more easy and convenient;
3. The mouse roller can realize 15X digital zooming which the enlarged image can be dragged and moved randomly under preview and playback modes;
4. Immediate snapshot and view; the picture will be stored in an independent area in the HDD;
5. The recording playback is shown by time bar and different color represents different recording type. It is very fast and easy to find check the recording;
6. Recording backup can be accurate to second. Any time period of backup is available;
7. The recording files in the USB disk can play directly in the playback interface;
8. With 3G, WIFI wireless connection functions;
9. Standard resolution which can be adjusted according to the display device in order to get the best image quality;
10. Adopt HDD sequence writing method and the data is written from 0 track which increase 2.5X lifetime of the HDD.


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